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Are you planning to do your office renovation? For that, you might need a professional office renovation contractor. Maybe your office needs a few repairs, or you need more extra office room or a whole office makeover. Then you are going to need to take help from an expert. Before that, you need to find the ideal designer, engineer, and contractor. However, we’re here to make it easier. Cubic interior design firm does interior design and civil works (Internal) too. And we have our own dedicated, expert designers and other team members to do all your work with professional hands. So you don’t need to go here and there to look for every single professional person. So if you are a person who is looking for the best office renovation contractor in Dhaka, Bangladesh then you are at the right place!

Are you afraid of doing office renovation?

Does your office need renovation or a little change? But you’re afraid of doing it because it may cost you huge money or take a long time. You may need to close your office for a while and your office may face loss. For that reason, you’re not doing your office renovation.
Do not worry about these matters. When there is a problem, there is a solution.
You just need a proper plan before you start your office renovation work.


About Budget

If you’re thinking about the cost then we would say, don’t.
Doing office renovation doesn’t cost that much. Especially if you can have all the services from one company, if possible. For that, we’re always there. We already told you, that we have our team from designers to engineers and others. Office Renovation Contractor
However, you can talk about your budget in the first place with the interior company. That will make it easier.
In addition, cubic interior design has its factory where all furniture is made. Materials and electrical products are imported by cubic. For that reason, cubic can give you service at a low cost.

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Disruption during office time

You might not be doing office refurbishment thinking that may disrupt your office workers at work.
But do you know that, after giving your office a new look, your office employees will feel better because of the change? Sometimes new change can bring peace to your office employees’ minds. And that will bring a significant change to their work enthusiast.
So, if you don’t want to off your office, you can talk to your employees about how to continue work during office refurbishment. You can permit remote work if your workers do computer-based work. Or you can manage a separate place for working during the refurbishment time. But be concerned about your office employee’s health and safety. So that, no one gets harmed during work. If you’re doing painting work on your office wall and someone is allergic to color smell, ensure they do not get affected. Office Renovation Contractor
besides, you can offer your employees a little long vacation in this meanwhile time. After that vacation, your employees will feel refreshed and more energetic at work.

Why office renovation is important?

For a long, we tried to wipe up the cold sweat about renovation work. I guess it’s now more convenient to start the work. Before that, we would like to be more specific about why office renovation is so much important. Office Renovation Contractor
Office renovation includes giving new painting work to the office wall or new wall decor. We all know how the color schemes of office walls impact workers psychologically.
Or knock down the walls to get more free space to move around. Or to need of more office room. That’s a big work, we must say!
However, if you need an office room to execute new employees, you have to do the renovation. Otherwise, your office room will look cluttered.

Before you start renovating

To get a proper idea about what you want for your office and what your office need, ask yourself these questions since after renovating it’s not possible to change, or would be a big hustle. So be clear to yourself by questioning these-

Do you need more desks or furniture for your office?
Do you need to do electrical work for your office?
Does your office have enough space to set up new desks or furniture?
Does your office need a new layout for change?
Is your office bathroom enough for your current employees? Or do you need to add a new bathroom for them?
Is your office common space enough big to make your employees feel comfortable?
Do your office need to work on employees’ safety? Fort example, by adding an emergency exit gate or fire extinguishers for the office?

Workplace Decoration Ideas

Discuss your office renovation idea with employees

Teamwork is dream work. So, when you’re going to give your office a new look you must talk about this with your office employees. Like, how they want to be their office space or which color they prefer to be around. As renovating mostly occurred for employees. So their thoughts will add value. And it will be made them feel more into the team thing.

Discuss your renovation idea with designer

After you talk with your employees about office renovation, discuss with your designer how you and your team would like to be in the new office. Share your needs, ideas, designs, and all the other things. The designer will visit your office then based on your office space and your needs, he will design the new office. In addition, don’t forget to mention your budget to the designer. This will helps the designer to do everything in your budget before he executes the plan.
One more thing to add, tell your deadline to the designer when you want to be the work done.
Our professional team always hands the project in the meantime.

Why choose a professional designer?

Professional designers are skilled at what they do. A professional designer can bring the best design out of your imagination. Finding suitable furniture and other material is a real hassle and can cost you more than their value. Since professional designers are well educated about their profession, they know exactly how to do every work perfectly within your budget and from where to collect your perfect match material!

Now the big part! Let’s talk about office renovation ideas. Office Renovation Contractor

We have already talked about the necessity of renovating your office. Now the thing is, what can be the ideal design for your office, and the benefits of those designs?

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Make the sunlight available

Okay, we have mentioned this many times in our previous blogs. If you’re a regular reader of our blog posts, you know already. So from that, we can understand the importance of having direct natural sunlight insights.

Still, there are always new things to know more about. So today we will talk about it in a detail.

Most employees work every day for 8 hours long in an indoor office space. That means they spent most time inside a room for a long time every day in the daytime. Because of this, they could not be able to be in sunlight. And we know how much natural sunlight is important for our bodies. Due to that, we suffer from a lack of vitamin D in our bodies. For that reason, employees feel tired always. Their mood gets irritated. Besides, they look at the computer screen for a long time which makes their eyes strain. Because of this, they suffer from headaches.
For all these problems, here is one simple solution that can help you easily. That is natural sunlight. It significantly helps to improve employees’ mental health, energy, and productivity. So whenever you’re doing office renovation, make sure to implement this idea in the first place. Office Renovation Contractor

Install glass doors or full-glass windows

Well, installing glass design doors or windows getting more popular day by day and common. But if we view it from other aspects, we may understand the depth of need and collaboration of it. What is that?
We’ve talked about the urgency of sunlight in the office. But how can we make it happen to get sunlight easily? Therefore, we can install full-glass windows or windows. But that won’t help much for the whole office, right? Again we can use the glass for sunlight distribution inside the office room. We can transfer glass walls or partitions instead of brick walls. On the other hand, we can do a glass door or glass sliding door instead of a wooden door. That would make the sunlight availability easy inside the office.
Installing glass windows or doors gives a workspace aesthetic look and makes the workspace productive as well.
So, whenever you’re doing your office refurbishment, you can add this idea to your list.